Alibaba vs Amazon: The Ultimate Infographic

by Imran Hunzai September 20, 2014
Alibaba vs Amazon: The Ultimate Infographic After Alibaba IPO at NYSE

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, made its debut at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with a much anticipated Initial Public Offering (IPO) on Friday. The company is listed under trade name BABA was priced $68 on the very first day, raising over $21 billion which makes it one of the largest IPOs in the history of American stock market. It leaves behind companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, IBM and Intel.

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Here is an interesting infographic by SmartIntern that will help you understand the Alibaba vs Amazon war that has silently started after Alibaba’s founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma decided to take the company to the trading market hence putting other e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay etc, under threat. The infographic was made before Alibaba’s IPO.

Alibaba vs Amazon Infographic

Alibaba vs Amazon: The Ultimate Infographic After Alibaba IPO at NYSE

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