FREE 60-Day Blogging Challenge

60-Day Blogging Challenge

Hello everyone,

this is Imran from Welcome to a new summer exclusive free “60-Day Blogging Challenge” that is designed to help beginners start their own blog from scratch and actually help them make their first $100!

Joining this blogging challenge is quite simple. You can see a signup form below where you can enter your details and subscribe to a specific list I have created for this challenge. If you are already a subscriber of Earnistan and want to participate in this challenge, you need to re-subscribe to this list. I do not intend to send this campaign to existing subscribers which includes intermediate and even advanced bloggers.

Why the 60-Day Blogging Challenge?

Over the past 5 years of my freelance training experience, I have found that online lessons are much more effective in terms of time and resources. I have been travelling all over Pakistan to teach teenagers and even people doing a 9-5 job on how to get started with blogging and freelancing.

Sadly, the turn over ratio is not very exceptional. This is why I think this FREE course will give an opportunity to the absolute interested individuals to learn some of things about blogging that I know and kick start their blogging journey.

Is it FREE?

It is absolutely FREE of cost. However, if you want me to help in person with launching your blog, you would require to hire me. Other than that, there will be a number of 3rd party services like web hosting, domain registration and WordPress themes etc that might require a purchase. The most I can do about these paid services is to provide an affiliate link so you could enjoy a one-time discount while I get a small commission too.

That’s pretty much that you need to know at this stage about the challenge. Subscribe below to get started!

60-Day blogging Challenge