How to Start a WordPress Blog in 10 Minutes or less with BlueHost

How to Start a WordPress Blog in 10 Minutes or less with BlueHost

Disclaimer: The post explaining “How to start a WordPress blog in 10 minutes” contains affiliate links.

I’ve been asked this a lot. How can one start a WordPress blog in as little time as possible?

My answer is always “a little as 10 minutes!”.

For an absolute starter, it could be somewhere between 15-20 minutes but if someone has a little understanding of how the process works, it could be under 10 minutes!

Both BlueHost and iPage (owned by the same Endurance International Group) offer specialized WordPress hosting packages. You don’t need to go for a premium or any other shared hosting plan.

Just sign up for a WordPress hosting account with either of the companies and launch your blog in under 10 minutes! That’s right, under 10 minutes.

Let me try to explain the process of how to start a WordPress blog in 10 minutes step by step.

Minute 1:

Go to the BlueHost WordPress Hosting page and select the suitable plan. They have many categories to choose from. If you’re just starting, start with the basic one and you can upgrade if required.

You don’t need to think about this a lot. You can always upgrade and downgrade the website package within the same type of hosting platform. For example, it might get technical transferring a website hosted on a Windows server to a Linux server.

Like many opensource platforms, Linux-based operating systems are preferred for WordPress websites, which also is my preferred choice.

You can choose a 12-month, 24-month or a 36-month term. Usually buying a longer duration package costs you less.

Minute 2:

Once you have selected a web hosting plan, the system will take you to a sign-up form.

Here you will be able to register your domain name or use an existing one that you might have registered previously.

You can check your domain availability using the form below.

If you are not sure about the domain name or planning to register it later, you can always skip the domain registration part.

Minute 3–4:

In the next step, you will have to fill in your personal details and select optional add-ons. You can use the Google Single Sign-On feature to create your account quite easily.

Again, if you’re unsure about some feature, you can always skip it and add it later on if required.

You can check free options like a Free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate will allow using HTTPS:// with your blog/website URL, which is secure and looks nice. Sometimes web browsers will give a warning to users if the website is not secured by an SSL certificate. Many web hosts like BlueHost provide a free SSL certificate.

Minute 5-6:

Next, you will make the payment using either a credit card or PayPal. BlueHost accepts popular payment companies liked Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover.

Both credit card and PayPal transactions are completely safe and secure and you can make the payment without any fear of your financial information being stolen.

I personally prefer PayPal but sadly it doesn’t work in Pakistan.

Minute 7–8:

Once payment is completed, you will receive account information on your email. USe the details to log in to your BlueHost account.

At times these email might land in your spam/junk folder. If you did not receive the emails, be sure to chose those folders as well.

I use Gmail and the email usually lands in the Updates tab.

Minute 9:

In the welcome email, you will find the login URL to access your web hosting dashboard, which they call the Bluehost Portal. This is where you will manage your services like domain registration, web hosting, and SSL certificates that you purchase from Bluehost.

In the Bluehost Portal, go to My Sites. Click Add Site and enter the details for your new WordPress website.

Your website ready in no more than a minute if your internet is stable.

Minute 10:

Bluehost specializes in WordPress web hosting. They also have a huge knowledgebase of all the tricks and tips to get your website/blog going.

Login to your WordPress account and start publishing!

Note: This page contains affiliate links, purchasing web hosting from links embedded here will give a small affiliate bonus to the author. Please read our affiliate disclosure for more details about our affiliate programs.

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