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If you have ever had the chance to make an online payment, I'm very much sure you had to go through all the security and privacy checks to make sure your Online Card Payment System is a reliable one and that your credit card is not misused online. If for some reason, you don't have a credit card, you might have to go through a painful process of creating a virtual card. 

If you’re working on a marketing project for your brand or product, chances are you would need to create a video. Video has become a powerful tool to communicate the brand vision with targeted audiences on the internet. With the rise in platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo etc, there is an ever growing need […]

Owning a car is great but at times when you face an accident or your car is damaged, you wish you had the best car insurance that money could buy. Why? Because you don’t want to pay a hefty amount for a mistake that someone else did. On this week’s sponsored Friday, I’m introducing Roseborough […]

Disclaimer: The post explaining “How to start a WordPress blog in 10 minutes” contains affiliate links. I’ve been asked this a lot. How can one start a WordPress blog in as little time as possible? My answer is always “a little as 10 minutes!”. For an absolute starter, it could be somewhere between 15-20 minutes […]

Sponsored Friday is our new regular segment where you will get to read selected sponsored messages from brands and companies that have something relevant and useful for our readers. Our today’s sponsored post is by investment property mortgages in Ohio. Through their website https://www.investmentproperty.loans, the company offers a multifamily as well as a commercial mortgage gateway. The […]

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Google is introducing two new ad formats and it is asking publishers to join the beta test. The InArticle and InFeed Adsense Native Ads are the two new formats, the first in line for a new native ad race.

The fourth part in the on-going article series of top 10 ways to make money online is doing micro tasks online or micro jobs online. As the name suggests, these are small tasks that pay you on completion ranging from $0.05 to $10 depending on the time and skill each task requires. Micro tasks are […]

The latest addition to the services provided by Payoneer is a new payment method. Through this, companies will be able to send payments to their global account holders. This is a huge step towards offering a perfect payment solution to users.

Over the past one decade time, internet has given birth to new ways of making money. Just a few years before the .com boom, these new ways of making money might not have been in the imaginations of even tech-savvy people. Either you launch a startup that could turn into a billion dollar business or just signup on a website to do a small gig, you are in a way associating yourself with an ocean of endless opportunities.

Muhammad Haris and his team mate Luke Beck have made a whooping $10 million USD by selling a WordPress theme called Avada.

Pakistan gamer Sumail Hassan helps his team win $6.6 million US Dollars in TI5 or the International 2015, the biggest Dota 2 flagship championship.

The Startup Weekend Islamabad is being organized by Google for Entrepreneurs from 15th - 17th May at AIR University. Get ready to launch your startup in just 54 hours!

oDesk, which has over 9.3 million active freelancers and more than 3.7 million clients, has relaunched as Upwork with a completely new freelancing platform.

A exceptional performance from early age startups from the remote regions of Gilgit-Baltistan & Chitral enabled them to make it to the main round of StartUp Cup Pakistan 2015.

Google Domains has launched its private beta version for US users. This would be a leap ahead for people who are rely on Google Apps integration and concerned about their domain security.

Western Union has declined Adsense Payments for 14 South Asian countries leaving thousands of small publisher in chaos. Publishers who have set Western Union as their default payment option received the message that their automatic payment was declined.

The world's two freelancing giants oDesk and Elance have revealed the top earning freelancer countries in the Elance-oDesk’s Annual Impact Report.

Here is a complete list of the 200 Google Search Ranking Factors in Infographic from that Google Search Algorithm uses to rank your website or blog in SERP

Alibaba, e-commerce website from China has filed an IPO at NYSE making it the largest IPO in US stock market history. Here is Alibaba vs Amazon infographic.

Here are 10 Awesome Tips to Write Engaging Facebook Posts. The infographic by WERSM will help you get the best out of your Facebook posts for organic reach