Doing Micro Tasks Online

How To Earn Money Doing Micro Tasks Online (Part 4)

The fourth part in the on-going article series of top 10 ways to make money online is doing micro tasks...

Make Money Freelancing Online

How to Make Money Freelancing Online (Part 3)

Over the past one decade time, internet has given birth to new ways of making money. Just a few years before the .com boom, these new ways of making money might not have been in the imaginations of even tech-savvy people. Either you launch a startup that could turn into a billion dollar business or just signup on a website to do a small gig, you are in a way associating yourself with an ocean of endless opportunities.

Muhammad Haris Pakistani freelancer and Avada Developer

Pakistani Freelancer Makes $10 Million By Selling a WordPress Theme

Muhammad Haris and his team mate Luke Beck have made a whooping $10 million USD by selling a Wordpress theme called Avada.

oDesk relaunched as Upwork with an all new platform

oDesk relaunched as Upwork with an all new platform

oDesk, which has over 9.3 million active freelancers and more than 3.7 million clients, has relaunched as Upwork with a completely new freelancing platform.

A freelancer at KADO iTech Center Karimabad Hunza

Top Earning Freelancer Countries Revealed in Elance-oDesk’s Annual Impact Report 2014

The world's two freelancing giants oDesk and Elance have revealed the top earning freelancer countries in the Elance-oDesk’s Annual Impact Report.

Elance Fireside Chat Session in Islamabad

Elance Fireside Chat Session in Islamabad

Attend Elance Fireside Chat Session in Islamabad with Haris Nadeem, Mohammad Haris Zulfiqar, Saad Hamid and Abdul Qudoos Azhar on Saturday 16th November.

Wordpress Theme Avada

Pakistani freelancer earns $1 million dollars by selling a WordPress Theme

Pakistan is one of world’s top countires having freelancers and skilled online workers. A study suggests that half of the...