Sponsored Friday: Find credible voice over artists at UK events

Sponsored Friday: Find credible voice over artists at UK events

If you’re working on a marketing project for your brand or product, chances are you would need to create a video. Video has become a powerful tool to communicate the brand vision with targeted audiences on the internet. With the rise in platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo etc, there is an ever growing need for new content that has an audience waiting for you to be heard. This is why today I’m going to talk about how you can find voice over artists at UK events.

I recently was contacted by a client who needed some voice-over work done in a short period of time. I do have some personal links but they did not have a strong portfolio that my client could accept. I thought Fiverr would be a great choice to find talent in the budget that the client had. Sadly, everyone I contacted either charged a lot for the number of words that the client had or even if they were rightly priced, they were asking for a longer submission time.

It would have been awkward if I would say no to the client given the relationship we have for over five years. Basically, I started working with this client as a freelancer but as soon as her business expanded, I became a crucial part of her business because I would always find her the right solution. Not all the times I would do the work personally. But I would refer her the right people and it worked well.

So, this was an opportunity to continue this working relationship On top of that, I knew the client was counting on me. It would have been a shame if I turned the deal down.

It was when I stumbled upon Voquent through an online forum. I did some research and turns out it is the service I needed. I had never heard of this name before but after going through their website, I was quite satisfied with their authenticiy.

Voquent provides voice over services in almost all the languages that you can name. English, Spanish, French, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, Indonesian, Persian… you name it and they will do a voice over for you.

If you go through the samples in each language, you would definitely find that the quality they provide is worth the money you are spending.

So the next time you need a voice over artist, you know the name to trust.

That’s it for this week’s Sponsored Friday message.

See you all next week!

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