14-Day FREE Blogging Challenge

Finding it hard to give your blog a proper direction?

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Free 14-Day Blogging Challenge

Last summers, I started a FREE 60-Day Blogging Course that was taken by just under 1500 people. It was a great experience. Sadly, only 4% of the people who signed up took the complete challenge.

More than 20% never read an email after Day #5. The number of reads decreased tremendously after Day #20. This made me think:

What am I doing wrong?

I talked to a few participants to understand how I can make this course more effective. Turns out, 60 days is a bit too overwhelming. It’s a fact that our collective focus is decreasing, thanks to, among others, all the interesting filters that Snapchat is coming up with.

A few days back when I sat to ponder on the ways to make the course lesser boring, something struck me. “Let’s just cut it short”. And that’s what I am doing.

The 14-Day Challenge is basically a summary of the core topics covered in the much longer 60-Day long course.

If you are someone who’s still trying to figure out how to make your blog profitable, take the FREE challenge and join the hundreds and thousands of bloggers who are making a passive income from their blogging efforts.