Google Domains Rolls Out Private Beta For US Users

Google Domains Rolls Out Private Beta For US Users

Google Domains has launched its private beta version for US users. This would be a leap ahead for people who rely on Google Apps integration like Blogger (some might also refer to it as Blogspot) etc and are concerned about their domain security.

Google Domains service was announced last year and right now it’s only invitation based only.

Apart from getting all the perks of registering your domain with a company like Google, it’s also going to give a lot of satisfaction on the security and privacy part.

With the tagline “Fair, transparent pricing for all domains”, the registration starts from as low as $12. Google is offering registration and transfer for some 20 Top Level Domains (TLDs).

The registration process is pretty simple but if you live outside the US, you won’t be able to continue the registration.

Registering a domain to Google Domains

Alongside being able to register TLDs, you can also register or transfer premium domains, both aftermarket premium domains, and registry premium domains.

If you have a domain registered with some other service like GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc, you can easily transfer your domain to Google Domains in a few steps.

Transferring a domain to Google Domains

Major features that come Free with Google Domains:

  • Whois Privacy
  • Domain forwarding and subdomain forwarding
  • Email forwarding (forwarding of email aliases @<your domain>)
  • Google nameservers with 10 million DNS resolutions per year
  • Support via help center, email, chat, or phone.

Google Domains Supported TLDs and prices*

Here is a list of all supported TLDs at Google Domains with their registration prices.

TLD Price per year of registration
  .academy     $30
  .actor     $40
  .bike     $30
  .biz     $12
  .builders     $30
  .cab     $30
  .camera     $30
  .camp     $30
  .careers     $50
  .cc     $20
  .center     $20
  .clothing     $30
  .co     $30    Note: .co domains have a 5-year maximum registration.
  .com     $12
  .coffee     $30
  .company     $20
  .computer     $30
  .construction     $30
  .consulting     $30
  .contractors     $30
  .dance     $20
  .democrat     $30
  .diamonds     $50
  .directory     $20
  .domains     $30
  .education     $20
  .email     $20
  .enterprises     $30
  .equipment     $20
  .estate     $30
  .florist     $30
  .futbol     $13
  .gallery     $20
  .glass     $30
  .guru     $28
  .haus     $110
  .holdings     $50
  .immobilien     $30
  .industries     $30
  .info     $12
  .institute     $20
  .international     $20
  .kaufen     $30
  .kitchen     $30
  .land     $30
  .limo     $50
  .maison     $50
  .management     $20
  .me     $20
  .moda     $30
  .net     $12
  .ninja     $19
  .org     $12
  .partners     $50
  .parts     $30
  .photography     $20
  .photos     $20
  .plumbing     $30
  .productions     $30
  .properties     $30
  .pub     $30
  .recipes     $50
  .rentals     $30
  .repair     $30
  .reviews     $20
  .shoes     $30
  .singles     $30
  .social     $30
  .solar     $30
  .solutions     $20
  .supplies     $20
  .supply     $20
  .support     $20
  .systems     $20
  .technology     $20
  .tips     $20
  .today     $20
  .tools     $30
  .training     $30
  .us     $12
  .vacations     $30
  .ventures     $50

*Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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