Top 10 ways to Earn Money Online

Learn the top 10 ways to earn money online in the article that is linked to a series of 10 articles. These methods include freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing etc.

Ever since the internet was made accessible to the public, people started to make use of this evolutionary invention in their own ways. Among the many uses of the internet, one is earning money online. There have been a lot of theories about this phenomena but the reality is that there is huge potential of making money on the internet. Of course there is a darker side and there are tons of schemes that are engineered to give maximum benefit to just one party. There are scams and frauds that would give you nothings out of your weeks or months or even years of hard work. Such services compromise your trust and run away with not just your money but also with your  important information like Credit Card Number or Social Security Number (SSN) etc. The lighter side is that there are win-win situations. There are ways that would enable you to get incentives against the services that you offer. The structure is made such that mutual benefit can be taken. In this article, I would focus on the top 10 ways to earn money online. I have prepared this list on basis of my personal experiences. There are hundreds of other ways but this list includes the most prominent ones.

The list is organized in ascending order of the workload and time needed to make money online.

  1. Displaying ads on your website or blog.

  2. Blogging.

  3. Freelancing.

  4. Doing Micro Tasks.

  5. Affiliate Marketing.

  6. Sell your own products.

  7. Share links on your social pages

  8. Sell Domains and Web Hosting.

  9. Take part in online contests.

  10. Online Referrals.

Details about the above 10 ways of earning money online will be covered in the future posts. The upcoming posts will briefly explain the best practices of the specific methods. They will also help you differentiate between one method an the other. For example, the first two methods i.e. Displaying ads on your website or blog might be the same as Blogging in your opinion. The posts will explain how a specific method is different from the rest in the list.

Stay tuned.

Happy Making Money Online 🙂

Imran Hunzai
Imran Hunzai

Imran is a Digital Media Professional at Islamabad-based Centangle Interactive. He writes about Digital Media Marketing and Blog Monetization. He's also the creator of All Things Hunza and GBee. When free, he loves to travel, do photography and play rabab.

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