oDesk relaunched as Upwork with an all new platform

oDesk relaunched as Upwork with an all new platform

After oDesk acquired Elance, the world’s largest freelancing platform has now made its next big move. oDesk, which has over 9.3 million active freelancers and more than 3.7 million clients, has renamed to Upwork. oDesk’s CEO Stephane Kasriel made the announcement through a blogpost on the newly launched website.

Together we’ve redefined how people work. What you do every day on oDesk used to be called “the future of work,” but it’s rapidly becoming the norm. We know 90% of US businesses hire independent professionals and they are ready to find more talent online.

I’m thrilled to announce that we have relaunched oDesk as Upwork. Upwork is a new name, and also a new platform for connecting businesses with talented professionals, faster and more easily than ever before.

By visiting odesk.com, users are redirected to the new website where they are given the option to signup or know more about the relaunch.

odesk is now upwork
A screenshot of odesk.com. It redirects to upwork.com upon visiting

You must be wondering what happens to the existing profiles of freelancers. The good news is, that it will be available in the new profile. All you need to do is to login using your oDesk username and password and you will see your old data in a better presentation.

The one thing that will surprise you is that you will require to have enough virtual tokens called “connects” to apply for jobs. “Connects” is the new name for “job application quota” and each job requires between 1-5 connects in your account. Although you are given 60 free connects each month but you can always purchase more connects by subscribing to a membership plan. The freelancer Plus plan costs $10 per month.

The relaunch has also affected all the social spaces that the oDesk had. The official Twitter account has been renamed but there seems to be some issue with the Facebook page. The Facebook page linked on the new website is not active but it’s likely that new name will appear soon. Also, a new Google+ page with the new name has appeared while the page with the old name still exists.

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