I’m back yet once again

I’m back yet once again

Hello readers, I have been off this blog for almost 7 months now due to several reasons. At one point, I did even try to sell this blog out but then it reminded me of the summer time ahead. Yes, the days I am on travel and get free time to have the courage of writing. Since I will be soon setting off for a bit of journey to my hometown in Hunza, I think there won’t be any better time to make a fresh start. I hope there will be no more long breaks after summer. In short, I’m back.

I have a few posts that should have been published in December. Over the next 1 week, I will be publishing those the 10-article series will continue and I had left it in the middle. Apart from that, I will be focusing on the start-up category that’s relatively new to this blog. Otherwise, there is going to be the regular topics based on my own experience.

If you want to contribute to this blog as a guest writer, you are more than welcome for that.

Happy blogging, yet, once again 🙂


I'm back yet again

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