10 Awesome Tips to Write Engaging Facebook Posts [Infographic]

Here are 10 Awesome Tips to Write Engaging Facebook Posts. The infographic by WERSM will help you get the best out of your Facebook posts for organic reach

The most recent changes to Facebook EdgeRank has made it even harder for page owners to reach the right amount of audience. According to a survey by social@Ogilvy, the organic reach for Facebook pages has been almost halved which most people are terming as a “radical change”. Of course, there is the option to pay for boosting reach of each post but that is not something most non-profit and small brands would be opting for. The one solution that would do any good at this point is to write engaging Facebook posts and get the best out of the posting option that Facebook has generously allowed for free with a few strings attached. Okay, so here is a great infographic by WERSM. If you are looking to increase organic reach of your Facebook posts, I would highly recommend these 10 tips that would help you in writing engaging Facebook posts.

10 Awesome Tips to Write Engaging Facebook Posts

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